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The combination of AI and the Blockchain

What are the two most disruptive technologies of the current digital revolution? The BlockChain and A.I.

While the combination of AI and the blockchain is slowly taking off, only a few projects in both spaces are devoted to combining the two emerging technologies. We believe that Artificial Intelligence can be used to continuously improve the blockchain as well as effectively predicting the future prices of any given cryptocurrency.

In many ways AI and blockchain work on similar principles – analyzing vast amounts of data and solving specific issues; processing elements that can obtain , store , and employ data. One interesting potential synergy is almost obvious: In a system like this Crypto miners will provide their computer resources for neural network training and calculation solving the scarcity issue.

This AI / Blockchain ecosystem consists of three parts , the blockchain , the data collection layer , and the actual artificial intelligence system .

Using AI for decision making is trivial but the process of creating data marketplaces that reduce the cost of the blockchain remains elusive. AI has been able to eclipse humans in many respects, you are naive if you think that the blockchain has escaped AI’s reach.

Score the Market in Order to Identify Profit Opportunities

We are using AI models are used to search for short term profits in the alt-currency domain; focusing on a targeted A separate but interesting opportunity we are investigating is investment in early stage companies that leverage AI and public blockchain technologies.

While this application is new AI has deep roots in the fintech sector as a data aggregator and automated solution determiner.

We have created a machine learning model that predicts ETH Prices with reasonably high accuracy by finding previously hidden patterns in vast amounts of complex data. The basic idea is to collect profits by buying and selling cryptocurrencies at predicted times.

Our algorithm learns to predict the price of the currency based on the features of all the currencies in the system and is trained with pairs features target between times .

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